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We deliver products and services based on your needs and the challenges you face. Our challenge is to create a lasting learning that gives real effect in your everyday life.

Our learning strategies are built on connecting business goals to performance and the required skills needed with your employees.

Our learning strategies

By analysing the required skills needed, both now and in the future, we can help you succeed in your investment.

Competence is the key to our learning strategy. We believe that in order to succeed with achieving the right competence at the right time, learning must take place when the competence is needed.

That’s why we think both formal and informal learning should preferably take place in the workplace, through distributed learning in the form of eLearning, Blended Learning and Social Learning.

Our strategy is also based on measuring and evaluating the results of your learning investments; that is to say, the desired results in the analysis are realised.

Maincon learning strategies
Maincon evaluation method


We work with the de-facto ADDIE model, where we break down the performance goals to competences and further to learning objectives. The learning objectives are then matched with suitable training methods or learning activities. The learning activities are structured into learning programs, which are then published on a learning platform where your employees can complete the learning program. A learning program can contain activities for Formal, Informal and Social Learning.
The learning program is monitored and evaluated at various levels in the form of:
• Employee Feedback/Learning satisfaction
• Learning objectives
• Competence achievment
• Performance goals
These aggregated goals should then meet the business goals as the basis for the entire program.

Pedagogical strategy

The Learning Activities content is designed so that learning objectives are met. Our learning methods and interactions design is based on Maincon’s pedagogical strategy, which is a guideline for us. Our pedagogical strategy contain:
• Basic research theories on learning
• Application of basic theories in eLearning
• Pedagogical and andragogical strategies and methods
Some of our “house gods” worth mentioning are, amongst others, Kolb, Knowles, Bloom, Merrill, Kirkpatrick and Gagné.

Maincon pedagogical strategy